04 julho 2008

Para mais tarde recordar

"CO2 vs temperature: ice core correlation & lag" no The Reference Frame

«No doubt, the correlation between the temperature and CO₂ is nearly perfect. No doubt, the climate on the Earth in the 650,000 years before the industrial revolution can be described very accurately by a single function of time. But if two things, A and B, are correlated, does it imply a particular causal relationship?

In classical physics, the answer is essentially Yes. The perfect correlation must either mean that A is caused by B, or B is caused by A, or both A and B are caused by something else, namely D. It is completely clear what is Al Gore's answer: the temperature was determined by the concentrations of carbon dioxide. That's why all of us are going to die in a hell by The Independence Day 2016 unless all of us accept Al Gore as the ultimate savior»